Nouveau monde.../New world... (©Jérôme Pace)
Nouveau monde.../New world... (©Jérôme Pace)

Douce France/Sweet France (©Jérôme Pace)

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Life is a gift. Whatever our fears, our pains, may be, it is our most precious possession.

I have learned this truth over time and my travels. Each encounter, each discovery, was a lesson: first of humility, then of gratitude.    

My photos are a part of me: they are my story, but also my truth. If not my only way to communicate... I am pleased to share them with you today. 


Fine Art prints

Each print is an original work (30 cm/40 cm), numbered and signed by me.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, it is made by Atelier Alonso on fine art paper "100% cotton Moab Entrada Bright 300gr - Pigment inks Ultrachome HD Epson".

Price: 850 euros including all taxes + shipping costs (prints limited to 15 copies + 2 A/P "artist proof"; sold without frame).


Contact me: 6 03 66 65 83.